coronavirus support for the events industry

Coronavirus Support For The Events Industry: SEP, Delivered Social, and Guildford Hub

As we are all well aware, it’s a really tough time for nearly every industry right now. At Surrey Event Professionals, we know that there many of our members, and people in the wider events industry, will be affected. So, we’ve partnered up with Delivered Social and Guildford Hub to bring some free coronavirus support for the events industry. This support takes various forms, which you can read on to learn about. If you’re a SEP member, we hope it will help your business in these uncertain times. You can find out more about all of this support on Delivered Social’s website here.

Free services from Delivered Social

free services from Delivered Social including email signatures

You’ve probably heard of Delivered Social, a Guildford-based digital marketing agency who have supported SEP since the start. Delivered Social is kindly offering a huge number of their services for FREE to SEP members during this crisis. This includes a free brand new website for your business, completely unique to you. Already got a great website? There’s still plenty you can take advantage of. What about a whole day of free filming with their videographer to create a bespoke business video? Or, a stunning brochure to show off what you can do? Perhaps you’d like some new email signatures to keep your branding consistent? Finally, they’re also offering to build free ‘feedback cards’ to show off your amazing reviews on your social media pages. Want to learn more? Their coronavirus page has a wealth of information about what they can do for you, for absolutely no cost during this time!

The 120 Day  Coronavirus Survival Plan

coronavirus survival plan

The Guildford Hub is a local community of business owners who meet weekly (when not in lockdown!) to discover new ideas, learn new skills, and discover new ways to grow their businesses. Allen from the Guildford Hub is an experienced entrepreneur who’s passionate about supporting local businesses, just like yours. So, he’s offering a free webinar THIS THURSDAY, 26th March, at 10 am as part of our coronavirus support for the events industry. It will provide a framework to plan the next three months, helping you to survive the lockdown period and be prepared to thrive once it’s over!

This will be a really useful webinar that we think all of our members will be able to benefit from! Please tune in and see how Allen can help your business through this difficult time. Together, we will look at what activities you can be dong with your business during the lockdown to keep in touch and stay relevant to your customers.

Mental Health Support

Several members of staff from SEP, Delivered Social, and the Guildford Hub are Mental Health First Aid trained. So, as part of our coronavirus support for the events industry, we are here to support you with your mental health during this difficult time. If you need someone to talk to, you can book in for a friendly call. We’re here for you. We don’t want any of our members- or anyone!- to suffer during this time. If you, or anyone you know, needs to talk, you know where we are!

We are offering this coronavirus support for the events industry, but if you feel like someone else you know would benefit, please get in touch and point them to Delivered Social’s coronavirus page. We all want to help as many people as possible, whether they work in the events industry or not. In these uncertain times, we’ve got to stick together and help each other out as much as we can. If you need anything else from us, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Our events might not be running right now, but we’re always here to support our members!

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