Environmentally friendly balloons for weddings and events

Amy Brown, Certified Balloon Artist (CBA) is clearly passionate about the power of balloons, using them to transform venues into imaginative spaces. Amy is a committed member of PEBA (The Pro Environment Balloon Alliance) and strives to make sure that her colourful displays do not have a detrimental impact on our precocious planet.

Latex Balloons are not plastic!

Amy mainly works with latex balloons, in fact 80% of her work is with latex balloons, the other 20% with foil and plastic balloons. What many people do not realise, is that latex is in fact a plant-based product. It is made from natural rubber; which over time will break down and biodegrade. When you choose a professional balloon supplier such as Amy, you will be comforted to know that her latex balloons are sourced from sustainable Rainforest Alliance Certified and Forest Stewardship Council Plantations. What does this mean? Well the harvest of latex from these plantations provides employment in developing countries and it is sustainable for our planet, ensuring thriving communities and fighting climate change.

Balloon Releases and the Environment

When balloons are released at weddings and events, whether they are latex, foil or plastic, they are often weighed down by ribbons, strings or bows, this means that they will not float high enough into the atmosphere to break down into tiny particles, which in turn causes balloon litter, which certainly is not good for our environment, especially our marine life as the balloon waste will often find its way into the sea. Foil and plastic balloons will not biodegrade at all, whereas studies show that natural latex balloons do breakdown

Statistically, balloons make up a very small proportion of marine debris and waste. This is due to humans intentionally releasing helium filled balloons into the atmosphere! By choosing a balloon professional who is a member of PEBA like Amy is, then you can be assured that your balloons are responsibly sourced, responsibly filled, and clients are educated on the safe and smart disposal of the products once finished with. PEBA members also do not endorse balloon releases.

If we humans are better educated and change the way we use and dispose of balloons, there is no reason why balloons cannot continue to be at the heart of our events.

Air filled balloons, over helium balloons

Around 80% of Amy’s work at AJ’s Balloon Decor is air filled. In the right environment, an air-filled balloon display can last for weeks, much longer than any helium filled display. 

You may be interested to know that the helium used to inflate balloons is not medical grade helium, it is the by-product gathered during the production of medical helium. This resource, rather than go to waste, is collected and sold to the balloon industry.

Enhancing your Surrey event, wedding and corporate occasion with balloons

Bringing joy and interest to any event and space, balloons have have many uses. They fill spaces, draw attention and fill people with wonder and joy. Balloons can be used indoors or outdoors and come in a range of colours and textures ensuring that whatever brand, theme or colour scheme you have, they will fit right in.

We loved visiting Ecoprod at Tottenham Hotspur and creating this fabulous eco-friendly air filled latex balloon display.

More on Aj’s Balloon Decor

AJ’s is a creative, expert balloon decor business owned and run by Amy Brown CBA (Certified Balloon Artist) transforming venues into imaginative spaces, enhancing brands and attracting attention with the creative use of balloons. Balloons have impact and an ability to fill a space with colour, motion, fun and excitement. We pride ourselves on thinking “outside the box” to offer balloon displays that are just right for you. With endless design possibilities, balloon decor transforms spaces unlike any other medium, creating excitement and certainly attracting attention! We offer expert advice, to guide you on colours, textures, themes and styles, all based around any specific ideas or requirements you may have. Whether you are looking for full room decor, a few accent pieces, specific features or sculpture displays, we create deigns to suit your specifications. We cover all occasions, any theme, on every scale for both corporate and private clients.

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