How Branding Can Help You Style The Perfect Wedding

Hello to all the prospective couples! I’m Aneirin (An-eye-rin) and I’m a graphic designer. Most of my time is spent branding businesses but as I’m currently involved with planning my own wedding (yikes!) I’ve found that some of the same principles I use in branding can be applied here too. So, I thought I’d share some tips and ideas for you to consider when planning the stationery and styling of your big day. The most important component of branding anything is consistency, so keep that in mind as you read on.



Gather inspiration

It seems like a basic tip nowadays but it’s such a good first step that I had to mention it. In the same way that mood boards help designers like me compile different styles, colours, and ideas to take inspiration from, they can also be an asset to couples planning their wedding day. Pinterest is an obvious choice, but don’t forget about Instagram! You can easily add images into collections on there too and it’s especially good for keeping track of wonderful local suppliers that you might want to get in touch with later.

My tip: Start off with several mood boards per category and then a final board where you can bring all your chosen components together. Don’t be afraid to print off your favourite images and compile a good old-fashioned mood board so you can see all of your inspiration in one place!

Stick to your values

When I brand a business, I normally speak to the owners about their values. What matters most to them and what makes them different?

What’s important to you as a couple often defines your style of wedding. Every wedding fits a theme. It could be traditional, modern, rustic, it could be based on something that’s important to your relationship or some deeper values you both share. The themes of our weddings can help dictate how we approach the styling of individual components.

My tip: Write down what matters most to you as a couple. After all, your wedding is one way of bringing your two individual values and personalities together. If you’re finding it difficult to work out what type of wedding suits you, I often find that it’s easier to say what you don’t want and go from there.

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Find your true colours

You might have that one favourite colour or maybe there’s two or three you’re thinking of. To help you narrow down the colour choices you want to imagine how those colours would fit in with your theme. Are you thinking of tying in seasonal colours? You can also check what colours are on trend for inspiration.

Once you have your main highlight colour nailed down, you can bring in some classic neutral colours, like greys, whites, and creams, to finish off your palette. Neutral colours are a staple of weddings in general but consider what shades would be a better fit for your day.

My tip: Start with the highlight colour and imagine it in the context of your theme. If blue is the colour of choice, what tone do you feel would work best for your theme, and likewise for the neutral colours. Pinterest and Instagram are a great source of colour palettes and stylised wedding shots. Find ones that could fit your theme for inspiration.

Brand your day

With the theme of your wedding set out and your colour palette finalised, you want to start looking at sending out invites. There are a wide range of options available. You can find packaged collections of stationery pre-made and ready to go online. If you’re tight on budget and you can find a style that fits your theme, it’s a great option. For couples that want something a bit more personal to them, there are plenty of stationery designers that will be able to create something for you or will have pre-set templates that they can tailor to suit your style. And of course, if you want something completely unique, any good graphic designer will be able to create a beautiful collection of bespoke wedding stationery for you and give you more control over the fonts and other tiny details of your designs.

To top it all off did you know that some couples choose to create their own logos? Having your own couple’s logo or monogram designed for you is a lovely, elegant touch. Having it used with your wedding stationery and signage, displays, and wedding cakes, it can really bring the wow factor and ensure that every part of your wedding day ties together beautifully.

My tip: As we talk about branding, consistency is key to making sure that each component of your stationery fits together and that means getting all of your stationery design work from one source if possible. If you’re going to get your wedding stationery and logo designed, you might as well get it done right. Any professional designer will be able to work with you to create beautiful designs that fit your wedding’s theme. Make sure to show them all those brilliant mood board ideas, as well as let them know how you imagine your dream wedding day to look and they should be able to craft something perfect for your day.

Capture your journey

With branding, designers try to capture the story of the business because it allows people to connect more deeply. The same basic principle applies here too. A couple might want to share their own story together with their nearest and dearest and have them feel part of the journey. There are loads of great ways to do this. They could be with the little favours for each guest, maybe seeing a board of all your pictures as a couple over the years. For those that want to encapsulate their journey in more detail, having your very own couple’s website (yes this is a thing!) or a booklet that takes your guests through your journey together can be a lovely addition to your day.

My tip: If this is an idea that you’d love to be part of your day, explore what’s out there. There are tons of great ways to do this and some brilliant suppliers that specialise in this area. Maybe even consider checking out our own member’s directory!

Tie it all together

With your theme decided upon, your colour palette set in stone, your logo created, and wedding stationery and story booklet being developed, it’s now about remembering to tie it all together and bring in the other components of your day. It’s about the tiny details. The accents on clothing, the bouquet and floral arrangements, the place settings and table decorations, even down to the cocktails and food. It can all tie into your theme and colour palette.

My tip: Listen to the professionals. Let them know what you’re after, tell them what you’re looking for, the theme and colours you want reflected, but take their guidance. They will do their very best to match what you’re looking for, but some details might need a compromise. Maybe the flowers you want aren’t available in the colour you’re after, but the florist suggests a more muted colour and some other flowers as accents. Maybe you want fresh flowers on your cake but the flowers you want to use aren’t edible, so your cake maker advises you on some alternative options. Don’t be too fixed on all the tiny details because there will always be a compromise needed here or there. Choose the right suppliers, listen to their advice, and trust in them to deliver something you’re going to love.

Do it for all the right reasons

Being focussed on your wedding brand and tying all of the elements into it creates a wedding with huge visual impact. It builds the story of your wedding too, from invitation to thank-yous after the event. Good branding brings everything together for an event that will live long in their memory.

Best of luck with all the planning. I wish you both a lifetime of happiness ahead. Now back to my own wedding planning before I get in trouble!


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