Lighting the way on your big day

It’s not just colour palettes and fabric swatches that contribute to the overall styling of the day, the lighting and the ambience created is just as important. Lighting is an important décor element at your wedding to set the scene, so it is essential to factor in both your budget and wedding day theming plans. You might think that sounds more functional than fun but let us share some insight as the options are endless and can be easily catered to any venue, budget, and style. Lighting can make everything look better, and is really impactful, the right kind of illumination will get those details you spent hours on noticed and create awesome photo opportunities.

Gas flambeaux – dramatic entrance created with real gas flames

Gas flambeaux’s make any venue unique regardless of the theme, style, size or location.

Create a striking first impression as guests arrive – a lighting statement that guarantees a good party and another addition to your treasured photo moments.

You can opt for a traditional look using 2 or 4 combined with our red carpet and posts, or the flames can create a real wow factor positioned carefully around the grounds or entrance. The burners are designed to give a clean flame with no black smoke and are incredibly resistant to the effects of wind.

Festoon lighting – warm white, LED colour changing or themed to match your wedding colours

Outdoor weddings – use festoon mounted on poles to create smaller outdoor rooms or light pathways. Festoon can be strung for miles so is perfect to highlight routes around your outdoor venue. Think about areas where natural light doesn’t reach e.g. from your marquee to the toilets or car park.

Festoon is also perfect to be used within a statement feature such as draped across branches of trees, creating a bejeweled and elegant look. Festoon adaptors can be used to produce levels of lighting dripping at different heights.

Don’t like the industrial look? Opt for white cabled lighting with warm white lamps for a softer look and add hurricane or storm lanterns with lit candles on the ground.

Uplighters – wireless uplighters with 16 hours’ worth of battery 

Use coloured or white uplighters to create interest within a space, internal and external uplighters can dramatically change the size, shape and feel of a space. Use warm white light to highlight points of interest within a space. Coloured uplighters are great are making a space feel more intimate, don’t be put off by a large room, instead use colour to bring the space in.

LED Candles

Long trestle table receptions are becoming more popular enabling guests to be more sociable, use low level table decorations mixed with candles to create interest without blocking the view of other guests or limiting conversation. Single flowers in thin tall vases, mixed with LED tealights, church candles and battery fairy lights make a perfect and very costs effective table dressing with minimal fuss and no worries of naked flames.

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