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Our Tips for Networking: Your First Event

If you’ve not been to a networking event, it can seem daunting. But it doesn’t have to be that way! At Surrey Event Professionals, we put on monthly networking events for those working in the weddings, events and venues industry. So, we know a thing or two about networking! We also know that networking events are great for building your contacts and finding new opportunities, so you shouldn’t pass it up. Here are our top tips to follow if you’ve got your first networking event coming up:

Listen to other networkers- you might even pick up their tips for networking!

Possibly the most important thing to do at your first networking event, and any others that come after that, is to listen! Whoever you’re talking to, make sure you’re not just talking at them. You never know who they are and how they might be able to help you and your business. It also gives a better first impression if others know you’re not just there to talk about yourself.

Go with a networking goal

Before you go to your first networking event, think about what you want to achieve there. This will make your life easier when you’re there! Whether it’s simply to make new connections and friends in your industry, to put your business out there, or to discover new opportunities, having a goal will help you to focus your networking efforts. However, if you don’t quite manage to do everything you want to do at your first networking event, don’t worry- there will be plenty more!

Bring a Buddy- and share any tips for networking with them!

If you know someone who works in the same industry and area as you, why not bring them along if you can for a bit of moral support? It will feel less daunting as you won’t be on your own. Plus, you’ll be doing them a favour by inviting them along. You can meet new people, and discover any opportunities they may bring, together!

Do your research before the networking event

If you can, find out who’s likely to be at the same networking event as you. If you’ve heard about them before, or they look interesting, why not do a little bit of research about them and their company? Come up with a few questions you could ask them to get the conversation flowing and find out what opportunities they might bring! However, make sure you keep an open mind about who you meet and talk to, as you never know who might be there.

Be Yourself

The final really important tip for networking events is to be yourself. If you’re not, people are likely to see through it and realise you’re not being 100% genuine. Just relax and smile- everyone is there for the same reason! Why not prepare a few short anecdotes or facts about yourself, in case there’s a lull in the conversation?

So there you have it, some simple tips to help you survive your first networking event! If you have any more top tips, please share them with us! If you’re part of the weddings, events, and venues industry, we’d love to see you at our next networking event. Find out how to join us by visiting our website here.

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