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Planning A Christmas Party? Here are our tips!

Have you been tasked with planning a Christmas party for your office? Or perhaps you want to put one on for your friends and family? Christmas is already a stressful time of year, and organising an event probably doesn’t help! Whether this is your first party planning experience, or you do it every year, it can be hard to know where to start. We’ve put together our top tips for planning a great Christmas party! Read on to find out…


You can’t be planning a Christmas party without a budget!

The first, and arguably most important, thing to consider when planning any sort of party is to set a budget! Or, if it’s not up to you, make sure you know in advance what it is. Having a budget in mind is a great starting point for your party planning, as you’ll be able to rule anything too expensive out straight away. Be realistic with your budget- you’ll probably be surprised by how good a party you can plan, even with a relatively small budget!

Choose the perfect venue

Next up, it’s a good idea to choose a venue for your party. To avoid being stuck with any nasty surprises, try and see the venue in person before you book! If you’re not sure exactly what you want, it’s a good idea to go and have a look at several before you make your decision. Some factors to take into consideration are the number of people the venue can hold, if they provide food and drink or if you can bring it in with elsewhere, and any restrictions on the venue such as when it can serve alcohol.

Don’t plan on your own

Planning a Christmas party is a lot more stressful if you’re doing it on your own! Try and enlist as much help as you can. This could be in the form of colleagues, friends, family, or even a professional events planner! Take the stress off as much as possible, and make sure that you enjoy the party as well.

christmas party tablewareThe finishing touches

It’s the finishing touches that will really wow the guests at your Christmas party! Some good ones to consider include table decorations, music, signposts so your guests know where they’re going, and lighting. It’s easy to forget some of these but they really do make a party really special! If you’re after suppliers for your party, why not get in touch with some of our members?

Keep in touch with your guests while planning your party

Unless it’s a surprise party, your guests will probably want to know what’s going on! Don’t forget to send out invitations to make sure they’ve got the dates in their diaries. However, also keep them updated with any changes and let them know about the type of food, the dress code, where the venue is- almost anything you think you’d like to know! If your guests are well informed about what’s going on, it is more more likely that they will enjoy the day itself.


Whatever sort of Christmas party you’re planning, it’s a lot easier to pull it all off once you know what you’re doing! Your party is sure to be a success with a bit of careful planning. Just try to enjoy it yourself, too!

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